3 Problematic Foods That Can Affect Your Dental Health

3 Problematic Foods that Can Affect Your Dental Health

Yes, our teeth are designed to break down most foods. However, there are some certain foods that can pose serious issues for your dental health. The impact these foods can have on your teeth will have you reconsidering how often you have them.

Let’s take a look!


Often, people will chew on ice as a habit, to cool down, or in an attempt to lose weight. It is incredibly common to begin biting down onto the ice when you’re sipping a delicious drink. However, this is something you definitely want to consider avoiding as it can greatly damage your teeth.

Although ice is composed of water itself, the rigidity tends to damage tooth enamel to an intense extent. In fact, chewing on ice cubes can cause you to have far more dental emergencies than someone who chooses not to chew on ice.

Sour Candy

Okay, we all know that sour candy is delicious. Realistically, it isn’t unusual for candy to be on the problematic list of foods for your teeth. However, sour candies in your diet, more specifically, are absolutely terrible for the longevity of your teeth.

Not only does the massive amount of sugar from the candy itself affect your oral health, but sour candies are comprised of acid which will drastically promote tooth decay. That is why we are against sour candies.

Alcoholic Drinks

Drinking alcohol already has its fair share of health-related risks. One of these risks is dehydration. One massive side effect of hydration is a dry mouth from a lack of saliva.

These conditions can help bacteria grow and take over your mouth. On top of this, the lack of saliva allows for food particles to stick to your teeth. This can result in oral infections, bad breath, and tooth decay.


While you may not think it, bread remains to be one of the most awful foods that impact your oral health. As you chew, the saliva in your mouth will help to condense the starches into sugars. Once this happens, the sugars make a sticky sort of paste that sticks to both your teeth and gums.

If these sugars and starches remain in touch with the teeth and gums, it can potentially lead to decay and cavities. One way to avoid this issue is to eat bread such as whole wheat as they are unrefined.

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